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Welcome To The Female Focus

Theatre Diary

Theatre Diary by Benny Davis

 Now in its tenth year, the Stage Diary is not only an important guide to what’s on in all regions, but is also an on-line web introduction to potential expats researching community life in Spain. ...
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Ed's Comments

Ed's comments May 2017

As I write this it is raining. It's not really a complaint as I am stuck in the office, but not happy either as it will put the start of the swimming season back a bit. Putting it in perspective my parents have had sleet and some snow at theirs in the UK and could never swim in an outdoor pool, so it could be much worse! At least it was nice weather for the visitors over the Easter holidays. We had visitors, as I suppose many of you did, and although we had no time off as such, must have don...
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This Month

Aluminium Vince

Aluminium Vince specialises in custom, made-to measure aluminium and PVC doors and windows. In fact, they can fabricate pretty well anything aluminium...
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The 'Costa' Motoring

Time for a few more questions and answers from the team here at Javea Auto Sales. We haven’t done this feature for a while but as we get asked so ma...
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Community News

May 2017 Conciertos - Sociedad de Conciertos de Musica Clasica...

May 2017 Conciertos - Sociedad de Conciertos de Musica Clasica de L´Alfas del Pi The L´Alfas del Pi Classical Music Society is offering three conc...
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Focus On Business

Spring clean your finances

My role as Area Manager for deVere is to ensure that all UK Expats living here in Spain are informed and kept up to date with changes that could affec...
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Focus On Pets

Tanamera Launch and forthcoming events

Tanamera is a small, privately run dog rescue located in the centre of Valencia province (Canal de Navarres). We give abandoned hunting dogs a chanc...
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Also This Month

Hurrah! Summer is officially here - Mintt 2017 is open!

And it is … Mintt Javea is now open again serving all our favourites and a few new surprises.Can you believe it is now their 8th year? But due to...
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Some healthy tips to help with your neck pain

In the vast majority of cases, a stiff neck is caused by a simple muscle strain or sprain that will heal on its own within a few days. However, several...
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What’s the greatest gift you can give? Your time

My name is Tom Shaughnessy and I became a volunteer with the Red Cross in Alicante last November, as I have always wanted to help out people who are less...
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Cashew and vegetable curry shah

Recipes by Pushpa from the Spice Hut - Cashew and vegetable curry shah This is a thick creamy mild dish similar to korma. You can make it more flavoursome by adding garam masala and chillies. Ingr...
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Health & Beauty

Top tips for looking gorgeous in glasses

Glasses are a great accessory and even those people who don’t need to improve their vision are incorporating glasses into their fashion toolbox. The key is to select the style carefully to flatter y...
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Home & Garden


I have over the years had many discussions with people regards the sizing of their planting. For anybody in the design business this boils down to something we call scaling. That means that you should...
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