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Welcome to the Female Focus

Theatre Diary

Theatre Diary by Benny Davis

Now in its tenth year, the Stage Diary is not only an important guide to what’s on in all regions, but is also an online web introduction to potential expats researching community life in Spain. The...
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Ed's Comments

Ed's comments August 2017

This month's edition is packed full of ideas of things to do and places to go throughout the Costa Blanca. There really is something for everyone. There are also some great offers to take advantage of this month from our advertisers on everything from sofas, bedding, furniture, glasses and sunglasses, air-conditioning, to drinks and food. Check them out and you might find you can save yourself some money by making those purchases now. Whilst writing this the BBC has just announced some good ...
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This Month

August is your chance to be MINTT’ed

Our Special Offers are served Monday to Thursday and have already proven so yummy and thirst quenching that throughout the month of August we are givi...
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“You haven’t heard the half of it. No, really, you...

“The latest technology advances in hearing aids are so advanced that they are game changing.” In the early days, hearing aid technology involved...
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Community News

Big cars and moto meeting in Mercadillo del Toro

On the 30th July a fantastic car and motorcycle exhibition was organised in the grounds of Mercadillo del Toro: more than 30 American, sports, old and...
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Focus On Local Businesses

Personal Finance 'to dos'

Summer is in full swing here on the Costa Blanca. It’s getting warm, the beach is beckoning not to mention that cheeky G&T. You’re living the ...
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Focus On Pets

Raw food for dogs?

For many years we have believed you are what you eat. Raw food diet or BARF as it is also known, is a raw food that is appropriate for animal consum...
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Also This Month

“I just couldn’t understand why their financial advisor had recommended that fund!”

by Sam Kelly, Managing Partner – Chorus Financial Just as we were expecting to be winding down for a long hot summer, Chorus has experienced an influx of people coming...
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Come and see Saturn

Saturn has been fascinating star gazers ever since telescopes were invented. There is nothing else like it in the night sky, resplendent with its rings, it's the one planet (besides...
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Garden Mosquito Treatments Beat - The Bite

How Our FOG OFF Mosquito Control Service Works. ​FOG OFF mosquito misting service provides your garden with its very own four week no-fly zone here in Spain. It’s simple to order...
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PANEER – Indian Cheese

A staple in Indian cuisine, made by curdling heated milk with acid. The acid commonly used is lemon juice or malt vinegar. Paneer is the easiest and simplest cheese to make at home, it’s an unsalt...
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Health & Beauty

When did you have your lymphatic system cleansed?

Your lymphatic system plays a very important role in the human body’s fight against disease. It’s largely made up of a network of thin tubes (filled with clear lymphatic fluid) and lymph nodes. Th...
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Home & Garden

Artificial Grass Spain Part of Grupo CG Gardening World

I think that most people and customers who know me probably get sick of hearing me rant on about artificial grass and how good it is. But the simple fact is, it really is that good, especially when yo...
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